Walking by Mata do Buçaco

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Mata do Buçaco (Buçaco Woods) is located closed to Luso village, in Aveiro district, North/Center of Portugal. Besides the variety of plant species, lakes, small waterfalls and streams, it carries some historical ruins lost in the woods, religious ruins of a long time ago (XVII Century). I dared to explore the ways of the woods and took some beautiful nature photos.


A small trip to Geres

Photography, Traveling

There was a few years ago when I visited Peneda-Gerês Natural Park (Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês) in North Portugal. It was a very small trip through Gerês forest hugeness, but still, I’ve kept beautiful photos that need to be shared with the world! So I finally chose a couple of nice ones from this wonderful natural place.

Metalhead Playlist

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After I was aware of Metal music existence and discovered Iron Maiden, I became a collector of bands, digging in as many genres and albums as possible. So this is my last Adolescence Playlist (see previous playlists I, II and III), when I became a Heavy Metal fan.

Tenho o sonho na alma

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Tenho o sonho na alma,
Enraizado no meu ser.
Não sei de onde vêm,
Onde começam ou acabam as suas raízes,
Mas estão aqui dentro, algures –
Que importa, nem tudo é materialmente visível.
Os caules crescem e erguem-se,
As flores desabrocham dentro de mim.
Caules que não são caules,
Flores que não são flores,
Não sei que tentáculos invisíveis tem o sonho,
Mas ele propaga-se e vive comigo!